New venue. Same great content.

While we can’t get together in person, we invite you to join us on 21 April for Inspire Online, a unique digital conference experience delivered to anywhere you are in the world. Infor Inspire Online will give you the opportunity to watch a wealth of content and interact with speakers in the virtual environment.

Inspire Online offers on-demand access to:

  • Infor’s executives on the virtual stage for keynotes as they share the corporate strategy and vision.
  • Dozens of breakout sessions designed to offer you insights into how to help Infor customers better implement, optimise and maintain their products.
  • Q&A environment to interact with speakers.
  • The Resource Center where Infor Experts will answer your questions live and where you can read up on Infor solutions.

Check out all that Inspire Online has to offer and register today. Then on 21 April, just grab a coffee, sit back and watch the great content we have lined up for you.

Analytics powered by Birst

By Guido Baer

"Are you lost in the jungle of (Cloud) applications, data stores and lakes? Attend this session to learn how to make smart decisions in all departmental areas and business functions. Get reliable information for decision-making through analyses across all data sources based on predefined dashboards and visualizations within Infor CloudSuites, or based on customer specific applications and data structure – or any possible combination! Give your end users the freedom they need to run their own analytics - “Self-Service in a data-governed world”!"

Next Generation ERP with Infor Coleman

By Rick Rider

As enterprise software enters the next generation, AI and machine learning (ML) will continuously open new and exciting ways of interacting with systems and executing critical task. In this session we will explore that latest evolution of the Coleman Digital Assistant for using natural language to interact with your systems as well as the Coleman AI Platform for embedding machine learning insights into your applications. Learn what standard content has been created and what the future holds on the Coleman roadmap.

Explore Infor’s cloud platform for innovation

By Massimo Capoccia

In this session you will learn how Infor OS can help you to bring your business to the next level of innovation. Integration, APIs, Data Lake, and AI all integrated and enabled for your CloudSuite, available today.